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Bild: die Steirische Krakau, Lowa

Styrian Krakau

A lively Valley

Hotel & Holiday resort Stigenwirth

Holiday in harmony with nature

Health is unpurchaseable, that's why it is important to make an active contribution to obtaining and maintaining your health.  Endeavouring to find the right balance between everything that is available in abundance and what you really need to ensure inner harmony of body, mind and soul could be a suitable approach.   A holiday in Styrian Krakau offers you a multitude of opportunities to connect with nature and to find and follow your own path to well-being. Located in the Holiday Region Murau-Kreischberg, Styrian Krakau boasts stunning scenery, a plentitude of mountain hut restaurants, meadows and spectacular peaks. The region's unique climatic environment provides the ideal conditions in which to maintain or regain your health. Clear, pristine mountain lakes, a vast number of hiking trails in combination with the sociable nature of the Krakau people guarantee an incredible holiday experience in summer as well as winter. We also extend a warm welcome to dogs, ensuring a pleasant stay with every family member here at Hotel Stigenwirth.

Bild: die Steirische Krakau

Climatic health resort

Climatic health resort "The Styrian Krakau"

After years of research and the painstaking monitoring of the air quality as well as noise and dust pollution the region of Styrian Krakau earned the right to call itself a "Climatic Health Resort". This title guarantees the best conditions for relaxation, rehabilitation and convalescence, and is conducive to the healing process of a large number of conditions: Recovery from severe and chronic illness, weakness or lack of personal development, recovery from operations and injuries, cardiovascular disorders, vegetative regulatory disorders such as dystonia or organ neuroses, vegetative exhaustion, adult-onset diabetes, thyroid connected illnesses, psychonerval disorders, insomnia as well as the consequences of stress.

Bild: Die Steirische Krakau

summer holiday

mountains, peaks, natural beauty spot for strength and much more

The best way to discover Styrian Krakau in the summer time is by exploring the pristine mountain landscapes on the vast variety of hiking trails. Hike along lush green valleys, past pristine mountain lakes, enjoy a break at a traditional mountain hut restaurant surrounding by idyllic Alpine meadows and conquer the peaks. Special places of particular beauty or natural energy are well sign-posted and invite you to linger and enhance your physical and mental strength.

Bild: die Steirische Krakau

Winter holiday

Mountaineering skiing, Alpine skiing and winter hiking

The winters in Styrian Krakau are especially popular for mountaineering skiing. The Preber Peak, to name just one, rewards you with stunning views of the Murau-Kreischberg Region all the way across the county border to the Salzburg Lungau district. A large number of skiing opportunities from small but excellent family-friendly slopes to large ski resorts like Kreischberg enable skiers to truly get their money's worth.

Bild: Die Steirische Krakau, Faschingrenner

Tradition and century-old customs

Experience the region's heritage first hand

Styrian Krakau prides itself in upholding time-honoured traditions and nurturing its heritage. An impressive number of regional traditions and customs, the likes of which you have probably never been seen before, will make your stay in Styrian Krakau an unforgettable one. Enjoy fascinating and spectacular events like the Shrove Monday "race", Ulrich Sunday with the local artillery brigade and the Oswaldi Sunday with the moving Samson figures of up to 8 metres in height.