Bild: Steirische Krakau, Wandern und Wanderurlaub beim Stigenwirth

Holiday & hiking

follow the call of the mountains

Summer holiday at the Stigenwirth

Holiday and Hiking

It's no surprise that Styrian Krakau is one of the most popular hiking areas in the Murau-Kreischberg Region: The numerous, well-marked hiking trails lead hikers through idyllic valleys and to imprsesive peaks. Savour the untouched natural landscape inmidst mountain huts, pristine mountain lakes and beautiful pastures. The side valleys of the Krakau region also offer plenty of opportunities for slower paced walks. Enjoy the incredible beauty of the natural landscape and recall the impressons of your hiking experience on our sun terrace at Hotel Stigenwirth.

Bild: (c) Raffalt, Steirische Krakau

Hiking for pleasure

in the Styrian Krakau

The gentle hikes and rather romantic walks of the Rantental Valley and lake Rantensee, the Prebertal Valley with beautiful paths around the mountain lakes of Etrachsee, Prebersee or Schattensee are very popular amongst our guests. These mountain lakes Etrachsee, Prebersee and Schattensee are also easily accessible by car!

Bild: Aline Stolz, Preber, Wandern und Urlaub beim Stigenwirth

Mountain top tours

Reaching for the peaks

Mountains: Preber (2.740 m), Roteck (2.742 m), Tockneralm (2.357 m), Predigtstuhl (2.545 m), Ruprechtseck (2591 m), Hubenbauertörl (2.051 m), Bauleiteck (2.424 m), Süßleiteck (2.507 m), Gstoder (2140m), Greim (2.474m) uvm.

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Bild: Günster Wasserfall, Steirische Krakau

Beauty spots and places of strength

in the Styrian Krakau

The impressive "Günster Waterfall", the highest waterfall in Styria as well as numerous marked places of personal and spiritual strength, so called "Kraftplätze" are definitely worth a visit. Recharge your batteries and treat your body, mind and soul to some healing tranquillity amidst the energizing natural landscapes.


Hiking destination Styrian Krakau

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The Austrian hiking seal of approval. Your perfect hiking experience.

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The Styrian Krakau counts as so called "Bergsteigerdorf". This seal of approval stands for exemplary regional development in the sense of sustainable alpine tourism in comformity with local traditions.

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Certified with the "Österreichs Wanderdörfer" label, the Styrian Krakau offers transfer services between from and to different starting points of hikes throughout the region and therefore grants hiking holidays on the highest quality level...

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