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Places of interest

near the Stigenwirth

Discover & enjoy

Styrian Krakau

Stations of the Cross

Krakau's Way of the Cross starts at the Calvary chapel on the south wall of the junior school. In the chapel that was erected in 1790 by Hans Tockner (generally known as Haswa) there is a painted crucifixion scene including Christ on the Cross together with the two thieves and St. John, Maria and Maria Magdalena at the foot of the Cross.

The parisch Church of St. Ulrich

The Church of St. Ulrich "Ulrichskirche" at the beginning of the Etrachtal Valley dates back to the end of the 15th Century and is one of the very few Gothic churches to be found in Austria outside of towns and cities. Over the centuries no constructual changes have been made to the church. The ornamental features in the wooden ceiling can also be found in the village coat of arms.


The Calvary Chapel thrones high above the village district of Krakaudorf. The hand carved and painted statues in the wooden chapel depict the Passion of Christ.

Village Mueseum

The Village Museum in Krakaudorf gives visitors a fascinating insight into the valley's culture. The building is a former "smoke house" that dates back to the 12th Century.

Günster Waterfall

The Günster Waterfall is Styria's highest waterfall. In 1959 it finally became protected as an officially recognised natural landmark by the local authorities. This protection means that the waterfalls have remained unspoiled.

Schattensee Lake

This is a natural jewel that lies at an altitude of 1,317 metres above sea level. Schattensee Lake is a peaceful moor lake which can be reached easily by car and yet remains unspoilt and embeded in lush green forest landscapes. The lake is famous for its water target shooting.


Located 1,374 metres above sea level this 10.5 hectare-large lake nestles idyllically between a ring of peaks including the Ruprechtseck and Bauleiteck .

Prebersee Lake

The Prebersee Lake, at 1,514 metres above sea level is a wonder moor lake that lies at the foot of the Preber Mountain in the Niedere Tauern landscape conservation area.

Water target shooting

This unique way of shooting at a target finds its origins on Schattensee Lake. Groups of 25 people or more can experience this fascinating pastime first hand from June to October. Telephone reservation is required.

Styria's God

In Krakauschatten's Fortner Chapel a wooden relief of St. Isidor, the patron saint of farmers, hangs above the altar and is known in the region as "Steirischer Herrgott" - Styria's God. A man with a dark beard leans out of a cloud towards onlookers in a gesture of benediction.

Ebenhandlhütte mountain hut restaurant

The Ebenhandlhütte mountain hut restaurant in the Rantental Valley is an inviting stopping point for snacks and refreshments. It is open from the beginning of July to the end of September and is the ideal starting (and finishing) point for numerous hiking tours.

Rudolf-Schober Hütte

The Rudolf-Schober Hütte lies at an altitude of 1,667 metres above sea level just above the Etrachsee Lake. It is an Austrian Alpine Association refuge hut and the perfect starting point for hikes to the Wildenkar Lake (1,891 m), the Bauleiteck Peak(2,424m) and many other breath-taking destinations.

Grazer Hütte mountain hut restaurant

The Grazer Hütte lies at an altitude of 1,896 metres above sea level. It is also an official Alpine Association refuge hut. This is rustic hut that has room for 30 to 35 guests and is the ideal place to enjoy a hearty snack and refreshing drink after an inspiring hike through the mountains. Dotted around the hut there are plenty of tables and benches where you can soak up the sun and the scenery.


Murau - Kreischberg, Steiermark & Salzburg

Südsteir. Weinstraße

Moderne Keller, innovative Weinbauern und unzählige Weinberge.


Wer kennt sie nicht, die weltberühmten Lipizzaner, eine der ältesten Kulturpferderassen Europas?

Kulturhauptstadt Graz

2003 war Graz Kulturhauptstadt Europas - Bauwerke und Kunstinstallationen sind bis heute in Graz erhalten.

Bezirkshauptstadt Murau

Bezirkshauptstadt Murau mit dem Schloss Murau und vielen mehr.


Das Holzmuseum begeistert mit seiner umfassenden wie ansprechenden Aufbereitung des Themas Holz. Historische Werkstätten haben hier ebenso Platz wie Holzbau, Holzspielzeug, Möbeldesign und bildende Kunst.


Einige der schönsten Salzburg-Blicke, die den einzigartigen Zauber des UNESCO Weltkulturerbes Salzburger Altstadt vermitteln.

Marktgemeinde Tamsweg

Die Marktgemeinde Tamsweg ist der sehenswerte Bezirkshauptort des Lungaus im österreichischen Bundesland Salzburg.